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I absolutely loved the way the conference allowed us to be completely open without judgment.  I love the realness of the pastors/ ministers - they opened up and allowed their past to be a story to build off of.  They were genuine and caring.  I love the different levels of the conference, the staff were completely awesome and their love for HLF was never in doubt!

This is one of the very best conferences I've attended.  The HLF brand is distinct  and will impact the nations!

This was life altering for me.  I came here broken, I feel a renewal in mind, body and soul.  The healing I received was in my lowest moment.  The content of information presented will be escribed in the tablets of my heart.  I am amazed that the Most High allowed me to attend such an amazing conference in my most important time of need!  Thank you and Thank God!

"I will refer others to the HLF Conference Retreat because I feel as a leader it is my job to sow into others from an authentic space of healing, love and forgiveness so they can reap that in their lives. I absolutely love this conference! May God continue to bless Sis. Tracci and all of the HLF Ministry team to be a blessing to the Kingdom of God!"

My husband and I had the privilege of attending an intensive therapy retreat hosted and led by Tracci Parham. The retreat was nothing short of amazing. The sessions were well thought out and we had the opportunity to not only get several ours of counseling but we also had time to rest and reflect on what we learned.  As a wife and a mother, my hope and goal for this time was to be heard and gain tools to continue to support myself and family in a healthy way. Tracci Parham ensured that my goals were met and made sure to follow up afterwards. The time that we were able to spend during this retreat gave us the boost that we needed to re-spark our marriage and start to a new chapter in our lives.

I found peace coming to Pastor Tracy during my sessions with HLF. Every session has been a different, beautiful experience learning about who I am and my purpose in this world. Pastor Tracy has become a mentor and mother figure to me. Even in the hardest of moments PT has been reassuring, comforting and honest but also consistent while confirming and affirming who God says I am in His word. To have found a counselor that is biblically based is refreshing because you get the sound counsel with a biblical foundation. While I am not yet where I want to be, I look forward to my sessions every week. The comfort of her hug, the serenity of the healing room and the presence of God makes it worth it alone. However, unpacking past traumas, experiencing deliverance and feeling the weight of condemnation being lifted I what keeps me coming back. I've grown in myself and in the kingdom and while I am not looking to end sessions anytime soon, I am excited and looking forward to where I will be as a woman and in ministry when this journey of healing and deliverance ends.

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