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Maybe you have questions.  Perhaps you're asking "why me Lord?" What is a prophet? How do I know if I've been called AND sent? Do I host the anointing for healing and deliverance?  How do I know if I'm hearing and following God's voice, my voice or the voice of the enemy?  Since I'm a Christian does that mean I can't be oppressed, harassed, and tormented by the demonic kingdom?   These and many other questions will be answered at the ATP School of the Spirit as you discover who you are and learn to operate in this world as a Kingdom ambassador on assignment for Jehovah God!  Prepare yourself with a heart of thanksgiving and praise because your deliverance and healing are here and it is for now! You have been chosen to be the vessel by which the Spirit of God will pour forth His healing, love and forgiveness and we will assist you in your spiritual growth and development by  "Increasing your spiritual intelligence as you move from the stronghold to the Strong Tower!  Whether you are a prophet, prophetic or someone interested in learning about the prophetic and desiring the activation of the prophetic gifts in your life, the leadership and partners of ATP are waiting to assist you on your journey to YOU.  




Here is a excerpt of our core subjects

  • Spiritual Intelligence - who is God? (the names and character of God).

  • Spiritual Intelligence - What is the prophetic (spirit, gift, office)

  • Spiritual Intelligence - Reading the Word and unlocking the mystery

  • Spiritual Intelligence - What is spiritual warfare (gates, doors, portals, alters)?

  • Spiritual Intelligence - what is deliverance and who is it available for?

  • Spiritual Intelligence - the prayer mantle - the call to intercede

  • Spiritual Intelligence - dimensions of the soul - demonic access points

  • Spiritual Intelligence - Discerning the voice of God -divers tongues and prayer language

  • Spiritual Intelligence - Spiritual gifts - (motivation, spiritual, five fold) activation

  • Spiritual Intelligence - hearing, seeing, discerning spirits (Gods, human and demonic)

  • Spiritual Intelligence - the ministry of sowing and reaping

  • Spiritual Intelligence - the power of the Blood!

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