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Healing Love Forgiveness Ministries, Inc. (H.L.F.) was formed on

May 1, 2013 to support and assist first responders, helping professionals and caregivers impacted by chronic stress induced injuries and illnesses brought on by vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue.   These wounded healers are often left with residual emotional traumas in the form of shame, divorce, anxiety, depression, suicide and suicidal behaviors and addictions.    We focus on the individual with compassion, understanding and strength by asking the following:  Have you been feeling harassed or tormented with fear, depression, anxiety, and or shame? Do you find it difficult to forgive yourself or others? Do you feel trapped in feelings of helplessness or hopelessness?  Where then we remind them that there is hope through the healing, love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ the Messiah!  Indeed there there is  life after trauma!  In the Words of God to David - YOU SHALL RECOVER ALL!  (1 Sam 30:8)

What we believe

1.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries believes in the life transforming power of God and will: heal, love and forgive others and ourselves, evangelize lost and backslidden souls, encourage, serve, help and teach each other, study and share God's Word through preaching, teaching, prophecy, prayer, dance, singing and all gifts of the Spirit,  pray for others, obey God and include His Holy Spirit in everything, give generously, work diligently, and assist with planting H.L.F. Communities worldwide! 


2.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries is a praying ministry and has established that prayer is foundational to everything we've been called to do.  We believe in the power of communion with the Holy Spirit and a Spirit led life and we seek to know and worship God in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24).  


3.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries believes that God has spoken, is speaking, and will speak in and through His Word.  We are committed to the theoretical and practical application of teaching and training followers of the Lord Jesus Christ in His way and according to His Word via the Assemble the Prophets Academy and the church affiliations connected with our para-ministry.  We desire to be a people who function in, and  live out God's Word daily.  


4.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries will purposely meet people where they are and introduce them to the living God through evangelism, conferences, retreats,  and workshops.


5.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness INt'l Ministries  will be radical in our faith as we believe that God desires for all to be made whole!  We agree to receive His gift of wholeness by walking in faith and living a life that demonstrates Christ's healing, love and forgiveness for ourselves and others.  We will believe the impossible and by faith see those things come to pass! (Rom 4:7).


6.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries will faithfully carry out the God ordained vision given by God on April 28, 2013 and  will move with boldness, authority, wisdom and insight as we 'pursue, advance and take territories as directed by our spiritual parents Bishop and Co Pastor Daniel and Elena Robertson, Jr. of Mount Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries.   We believe that God wants us to be an innovative ministry that takes calculated risks based on faith without sight that allows the Holy Spirit to manifest the Glory of God in the earth realm and in the lives of His people!  We shall be radical and creative in worship, warfare, evangelism and praise and give God the glory and honor as healing, love and forgiveness are released in the lives of lost, broken and hurting people bringing with it restoration and confirmation of their God identity.   (2 Cor 5:7).


7.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries will encourage the building of caring communities (Acts 2:43-47 and 4:32-34).


8.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries  will reach out to hurting people who have traditionally been overlooked (first responders, helping professionals and caregivers)by reaching beyond the walls of the church and into the community to love others with Jesus-like style and compassion.  Further we will engage in missions both locally and abroad to provide spiritual, physical and emotional help to those in need and opportunities for new prophetic, teaching, preaching and evangelistic voices to exercise their anointing on platforms that will demand the changing of the lives of those they serve as well as their own. 


9.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries  will assist in Kingdom building by providing a platform for the gifts and talents of Believers in Jesus Christ to be cultivated, trained and dispensed abroad wherever the Holy Spirit leads them.    We believe that by doing so the Kingdom of God and the anointing on their lives will be strengthened and matured and the Body of Christ will be greatly benefitted.  It is the desire of the pastors and leadership of Healing Love Forgiveness Int'l Ministries  to see God's people realize their gifts, assignment and purpose and become all that God created them to be!  


10. Healing Love Forgiveness Int'l Ministries will build leaders who lead by serving!


11.  Healing, Love, Forgiveness Int'l Ministries believes that it is important to cultivate a lifestyle of authenticity in how we relate to God and others.  We are committed to providing conferences, retreats and workshops where people experience acceptance, find answers to questions, and are encouraged and trained to grow spiritually.   We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ offers liberty from hurt, destructive habits, unhealthy relationships and anything that hinders them from experiencing a genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and knowing His purpose for their lives.  

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