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Blended Families

Are you engaged, remarried, or a co-parenting couple? Are you a foster or adoptive parent? Do you need assistance with boundary setting, reciprocal respect, territory issues, sibling rivalries, prioritizing your marriage, dealing with comparison issues, and/or jealousy and resentments between the biological parent and new spouse? There are strategies to help you strengthen your marriage and family and crate the healthy, loving environment you desire. Contact me to learn more!

Family Dinner

The Strength of Deborah – Female Clergy Support

The need for women clergy to share their spiritual and natural journey together is more important today than ever before.  Healing and restoration through prayer, fellowship and releasing vicarious emotional wounds awaits you as we remember the commandment for rest and assist each other with regaining strength and resiliency for the journey.   Come and receive empowerment, support, restoration and love in a group made for women called to lead. This group is eight weeks in length and closed. Session openings are staggered on a six week rotational basis

Still & Restored – A women's anxiety group

Do you struggle with intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about every day life situations? Join me each Tuesday evening from 5:00 – 7:30 as we discuss the integration of spiritual and clinical remedies to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America an estimated 264 million people worldwide have an anxiety disorder. Women are nearly twice as likely more than men to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in their life time. If you struggle with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobias or separation anxiety this group is for you.

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